Policies & General Info


 We limit the number of custom cakes we make each day in order to ensure we can devote the appropriate time and attention to every order. We require a 50% deposit when you book your cake. Once you’ve made your deposit, we reserve that day and time for you and start making the necessary preparations (e.g. buying materials). For that reason, a fee will apply for orders that are cancelled after the deposit has been made. For wedding cakes, the fee is 20% of the total charge for cakes cancelled up until 4 weeks prior to the event. No refunds are available for wedding cakes cancelled less than 4 weeks prior.  For other custom orders, the fee is 20% of the total for orders cancelled up until 5 days prior to delivery date. No refund is available for cakes cancelled less than 5 days prior. Thank you for your understanding.


We take pride in our work and want all of our customers to be delighted as we are! We strive to deliver an excellent experience for every customer; however, we are only human and mistakes can occur. If there is something wrong with your order we want to make right. Please let us know before you leave the bakery so that we may address it. If you discover a quality issue once you have left the bakery please save any uneaten portion and return it so that it may aid in diagnosing the issue. If someone else is picking up the cake on your behalf, we will assume they are authorized/qualified to assess whether the cake is as expected and to speak on your behalf. Refunds will not be issued in cases where we have not been given an opportunity to address the issue and/or where the entire dessert has been consumed, or for orders that are not picked up. Thank you for your understanding. 


The key to successfully transporting and storing your cake is to keep it cool and to drive carefully! If it gets too warm, it may start to melt or slide. Cakes and desserts (except for cookies) should be kept refrigerated (not frozen) until close to serving time. Mousse fillings are NOT recommended for events where the cake will be displayed outdoors, particularly during the warmer months. If you have questions regarding your specific situation please ask a member of our staff and we will be happy to help you find the best option for your event!

Cakes should be transported on a completely flat surface (e.g. the cargo area or floorboards of your car) with the AC running during the warm months. Please note that your lap or the trunk are not ideal as they are generally warmer areas. Also, many car seats are angled, not flat, and do not keep the cake completely level. If they are the only option we recommend putting a rolled up towel in the “crack” of the seat to level it out.  It’s also a good idea to make cake pick up your last stop before heading home or to your event. Please note that we cannot be responsible for the well being of your cake once you have left the bakery.