Photo Gallery

Our gallery includes just a sampling of the thousands of cakes we have made over the years. If you don’t see the cake of your dreams here, never fear — there is an excellent chance that we can make it! Send your inspiration picture to (please include your name, phone number, number of people you are serving, and the date of your event) and we will get back to you within 48 hours to discuss your cake. If you need your cake sooner than that, please call us at 512-219-1235 to discuss available options. Check us out on Instagram @dreambakeryaustin for even more ideas!

92 70 Cut Out
176 cigar box
74 flower pot
35 Sublime Sun
62 man with walker cake
100 choc strawberries
173 Geode cake 1 tier
351 carvingand flower
24 Dia De Los Muertos
22 Guns and Roses
83 flowers and basketweave
260 Chocolate Birthday Showroom Cake
174 drip cake
147 Basic Showroom Vanilla Cake with Showroom Decoration
112 Autumn Flowers Birthday Cake
261 Rooster cake
131 The Pink Package Birthday Cake - Flower Detail
244 The Pink Package Birthday Cake
90 Donut Cake
278 Skiier birthday cake
264 I'm a Grown Up Now Birthday Cake
228 Flower cake
254 Mexican flowers drip cake
349 Disco
203 Peony cake
213 Love birds
307 Drunk flamingo cake
266 Colored dots birthday cake
281 Photo cake
306 Corset cake