Bitchin’ Bakeshop

Bitchin’ Bakeshop is our sister kitchen – it’s where we bake our non-gluten free custom cakes. It is in a completely different location than our gluten free kitchen to avoid any potential for cross contamination.

Why do we even have a non-gluten free facility? Well, Dream Bakery started off as a traditional bakery in 2004 before going completely gluten free in January 2021. We have many loyal customers who count on us to help them celebrate their milestones and special occasions each year (not to mention the brides who booked their cakes before our conversion — some of them WELL before, due to the COVID situation). We call it the Bitchin’ Bakeshop because the kitchen is run by some can-do women with big personalities who make really tasty baked goods (and Bitchin’ Kitchen was taken).

Our availability is limited, so please submit your cake requests as soon as you have confirmed the details of your event. Check out our social feeds on Facebook and Instagram for examples of our work. Email for a quote – please include:

  • The date of your event
  • The number of guests you will be serving
  • Flavor preferences
  • Design requests (please feel free to attach any inspiration pictures)
  • Your name and phone number

A team member will get back to you within 48 hours. Please note a 50% deposit is required to reserve your spot on our schedule. Thank you!




Cake: Vanilla | Chocolate | Funfetti | Strawberry | Red Velvet | Carrot | Seasonal

Fillings: Buttercream | Chocolate Buttercream | Cream Cheese | Strawberry | Raspberry | Lemon | Chocolate Mousse | Strawberry Mousse | German Chocolate | Salted Caramel | Dark Chocolate Ganache | Ganache, Caramel and Pecans | Whipped Cream

Frostings: Buttercream | Chocolate Buttercream | Dairy Free Buttercream | Cream Cheese | Dark Chocolate Ganache | White Chocolate Ganache | Whipped Cream | Fondant

All of our cakes have four layers of cake and three layers of filling inside so please choose a cake flavor, a filling and a frosting! Sample boxes available with 24- 48 hours notice (four samples for $15 – please email us to request one).