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In 2016, she was ready for retirement and she passed her dream on to Karen and the Fry family. Karen spent 25 years in corporate America before deciding to pursue her own bakery dream. She has been gluten free for over 45 years and has been baking since she was old enough to turn on the oven, but the idea for a bakery really got its start when her family started making gluten free baked goods for school events. All those years of experimenting with gluten free baking paid off when people starting asking where they could buy her cookies. Her children helped her open a home based business and the dream of owning a gluten free bakery really took root.  Then in fall 2016 she got laid off from her corporate job. The same week, her grandfather passed and left her enough money to help get the dream off the ground. She googled “bakeries for sale” and met Azar, and realized that expanding the Dream Bakery menu to include her gluten free recipes in addition to Azar’s delicious cakes would be a winning combination.

We expanded our menu to include low carb keto friendly options in 2019 and in January 2021 we evolved our pastry menu to be entirely gluten free (and keto, which is naturally gluten free when made with clean ingredients) in order to provide celiac friendly options.  We continue to offer “regular” custom cakes made in our sister kitchen the Bitchin’ Bakeshop for those loyal customers who have relied on us to help them celebrate special occasions through the years! We are very grateful for the support from the local community and look forward to meeting more of you soon!


Dream Bakery is a locally owned family business which has been serving Austin and the surrounding areas since 2005. We are proud to offer pastries, desserts and savory items made with honest ingredients like real butter, freshly cracked eggs and the finest chocolate. Our gluten free cakes and pastries are baked in a dedicated gluten free kitchen, so they are free from cross contamination and are celiac safe. We also offer items that are low carb, keto friendly and free of added sugar (in addition to being gluten free). f you are looking for a custom cake, our talented team of cake designers will create a cake for you that looks just as good as it tastes!  Whether you need a wedding cake, treats for your office or just a little pick me up, we’ve got you covered! Call or stop by  — we look forward to meeting you soon!


Dream Bakery got its start when original founder Azar decided to combine her professional knowledge of chemistry with her passion for baking by opening a bakery that featured her own special recipes. She quickly developed a reputation for moist, delicious cakes that taste as good as they look and a loyal following for her specialty pastries. She named the bakery Dream Bakery in honor of the dream she was following.

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“Ya’ll really are THE BEST!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your cakes, your creativity, your artistic flare, your professionalism, and of course your expertise in baking cakes and cookies that not only look incredible, but also taste OH-MAZING!!!!  — Amber A.