Helpful Hints for Transporting & Storing Your Cake

Helpful Hints for Transporting & Storing Your Cake

Customers often ask us “What’s the best way to get my cake home safely and to store it until party time”? Here are some tips that will ensure that your cake arrives at your celebration in top condition:

  • Keep it flat: You want your cake to travel on a flat surface (especially if it’s multi-tiered). The cargo area of an SUV, station wagon, van or hatchback is ideal. Many cakes will also often fit on the floorboards of your car. Your passenger seat or back seat isn’t ideal as they usually slope – but if that’s your best option we recommend rolling up a towel and stuffing it into the area where the seat and the seat back meet in order to keep the cake as level as possible.

  • Drive safely – go slow and avoid hard stops or sharp turns.

  • Use a helper if you have a larger cake (e.g. full sheet cakes). They are heavier than you think!

  • Keep it cool: Keeping your cake cool will help keep it intact until party time. When cakes get too warm, the frosting can start to melt, the décor can droop and the layers may start sliding around. If you are running several errands before party time, make the cake pick up your last stop.  Keep the air conditioning in the car running on warm days. And put the cake in your refrigerator (NOT the freezer) when you get home until about an hour before party time.

  • Ask us about recommended flavors and cake designs if you will be travelling long distances with your cake or celebrating outdoors.

Transporting your cake can seem intimidating, but if you follow these helpful hints your cake should look as beautiful at the party as it did when it left the bakery!

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