Bridal Cake

Dream Bakery Bridal Cake


 We have a wonderful variety of cakes, decorations, shapes and sizes. We will customize your cake to match the theme of your wedding.

* Basic charges for the cake flavor, filling, and frosting:

Buttercream - $3.50 per slice

White and Dark Ganache - $3.75 per slice

Whipped cream - $3.75 per slice

Carrot and Italian Cream Cake - $4.25 per slice

Fondant  - $4.25 per slice

Carrot and Italian Cream Cake + Fondant - $4.75 per slice

Sample tasting is available upon request.



Each tier is three-four inches tall.

If you are using fresh flowers, we can arrange them or we will work with your florist.

Delivery charge will vary according to distance
$50.00 - within 5 miles of Dream Bakery.
+ plus $2 per additional round-trip mile.

Sizes and Shapes:

Round, Square, Heart, Hexagon, Oval, and Paisley shapes are available–from 6″ to 16″.  We will help you select the size appropriate for the number of guests.

A 50% minimum down payment is required when your wedding cake order is placed. Full payment is due 2 weeks in advance of your wedding date.

A refundable deposit is required on items used for your special day. This includes stands, pillars, mirrors, etc. Your deposit will be refunded when
all pieces are returned clean and undamaged within 2-3 days. All returnable items are recorded on a parts list and given to you with the Wedding Contract.

We recommend making an appointment to discuss your dreams and ideas for the perfect wedding. Tasting samples are available with the appointment.